Friday, December 16, 2011

उत्कस्त मिक्सेद विथ कन्ये वेस्ट

My new single "Im Blowin Up" (Written, Produced and Graphics done by GBOY MostRequested) is really getting alot of feedback from internet users all around the world. Tons of streams and plays throughout the sites only reminds me this is a international hit. Most people say that the style of the song sounds like a mixture of OutKast and Kanye West. In my opinion it sounds a bit like them but more like myself. I am a huge fan of them both and love their music. Maybe that had something to do with it aswell lol. The single will be released on Itunes due to overlapping emails about location of purchase. Before this happens you can listen for FREE Here>>> http://tweetmysong.com/6svf31 Also Official Website coming soon "GBOYMOSTREQUESTED.COM". FOLLOW ME @GBOY_

Love, Peace, Happiness!!