Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Getting to the Money"

G Boy is pushing the envelope with his new sizzling single "Getting To The Money". This young and talented artist came to light in 2009 with his mixtape titled "The Package" and since last summer performed at all the major events in the city. He was interviewed by many newsfeed as well as Chitownrapstarz.com, the Chicago social and networking site for hiphop artists. G Boy's talents are not only seen with his latest songs but as a producer for years he produced many tracks for other artists while realizing that his talents were beyond just making beats. His locally released track "Leg In" is getting some steam from You Tube with many fans sending in their dance versions for the song hopefully to get a spot in the video. G Boy's latest leak is "Getting To The Money" which is already on several mixtapes throughout the South including Atlanta, New Orleans and Florida. He is a regular performer at the "300 Minutes Of Hip Hop" with DJ Shaun T and is slated to be released on several other mix tapes from the Windy City. He was in the studios recently recording with upcoming star Bo Deal as well as Cheri Dennis of Bad Boy and slated to do releases with Gemstone (orignally with Lupe fiasco). Recently slated to perform in front of Mr. Collipark in the ATL but the trip was postponed due to unforseen circumstances. His beats are currently being ushered to the CTE as well as the Young Money Camps. Listen up world, a new star is on the horizon.